Aurora Rose

“Where has Theseus gone?”

Elixia’s eyes flicked across the mirror, her reflection looking back at mine as she continued to gently comb her hair, appearing as if she was playing some sort of harp. “Why do you ask, Aurora?”

I blushed slightly, averting my gaze. “I am curious, is all.”

“Humph,” she returned her own eyes back to the mirror, twisting and playing with her hair. “Often you seem curious about my brother.”

Weaving my fingers together, I made no reply. I didn’t want to admit to her how awestruck I was at her brother, how much admiration, how on occasions he haunted my dreams….of that I would tell no one. It was my secret fantasy, my secret wish in a way. A sly smile crossed Elixia’s lips, and she stood, making her way to my side. Neatly she arranged her pastel skirts and placed herself beside me on her mattress. “I believe you have a….crush on him,” she murmured, her voice hinting that she was up to trouble.

Heat rose and spread across my face, searing at my cheeks and even the tips of my ears. “Ha!” she laughed triumphantly, grasping my hand in hers and forcing me to meet her eyes, dashed with that playful light. “It is true, yes? I know it.” When still I did not reply, she took it for an affirmation--which most likely it was. “He is down on Earth. In his ‘flat’, I suppose. You should go and see him.”

“What!” I exclaimed, alarmed. “By myself…? Wh-what would I say to him?”

“Oh, make up something. Tell him I sent you to tell him something or what-not,” she grinned. “I am sure he would be more then glad to see you.”

“Really?” Excitement, anxiety all pulsed through me, my heart fluttering weakly.

Elixia nodded slowly, still smiling from ear to ear. “I am certain! Go! You must go!”

Giddy, I was made confident by Elixia’s encouragement. Would he really like to see me? She was the one who knew him best of all people, I supposed. Without further hesitation, I spread my wings and set off as I was told, scouring my mind for what I would say.


He pulled aside the glass panes and gently I set a landing in his room. “Hey Theseus,” I smile to him, my heart pounding in my head at the sight of him. I avoid looking at him directly in the eye, though I wish to stare into them eternally, to lose myself in them, to… daydreams are interrupted as I spot a girl sprawled on the couch. I cannot withhold a frown, but as soon as I can I wipe it away. “Who’s this?”

“Oh, Aurora, this is Sarah, and vise-versa,” Theseus says and then flashes a wink at her. Emotions flair up inside me--jealousy, anger, disappointment, I am not sure which or a mix of all. Before anyone could continue, his phone goes off and he briefly says, “Excuse me guys, Shorty’s in trouble again. I’ll be back here in twenty minutes.”

Turning, he leaves the apartment. I shift awkwardly, turning my gaze to the girl on the couch once more…Sarah, it was. To me, she appeared like a Seraph; her features had a certain angelic look to them which mixed with the look of regular humans. Sarah clears her throat, and begins, “So, how do you know Theseus?”

“I am…a friend of his sister, Elixia,” I make a reply. I feel a pang at my heart; a friend of his sister’s is all I am and nothing more. “How do you know him?”

“I-I am not sure,” she smiles, half laughing. “I just met him.”

“Oh,” I said simply, lowering my eyes.

“Are….you an angel?” she asks hesitantly.

“Yes,” I looked back to her, stepping closer. “And, you are a seraph?”

The End

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