Theseus: Hello... Oh Shorty is my friend

When Sarah's eyelids fluttered open I felt my heart leap. She'd been unconcious for a while. Straight away her eyes connected with mind but I knew she began to feel dizzy again from the way she almost immediatly closed her eyes. She waited, as did I, for her breathing to calm down and looked across the room avoiding eye contact with me.

Her eyes trailed to the large glass feature wall from where you could see a sky scraper. Part of the wall opened up but that was only fixed up by request. Suddenly her eyes widened, a blush came to her cheeks and her eyes turned back to look at me. She avoided my eyes but her gaze studyed my features. "Did I..?" She whispers unable to end her scentence.

"Faint?" I say guessing the most commen one. She nods slowly blushing slightly more making her face look flushed and absolutely adorable. I lean forward resting each of my elbows on my knees. "Yes, you did. Mind you I would like to point out that out of most of the archangels I know I'm the most commen one that is fainted on" A smile pulls at the edge of my lips.

Sarah blushes brighter once more and looks away. "I didn't want to faint" Sarah says sitting up straight and the blush slowly fading away. I smile. Quite bold this one, No wonder her father lives down on earth. Nothing falls too far from the tree.

"No one wants to faint but it happens..." My voice trails off and I turn to look out through the glass. "One sec" I mutter. I stand up and move over to the glass panel that opens. I pull in back gently and no sooner have I got it open that Aurora, Elixia's friend, lands in my room.

"Hey, Theseus" She says smiling at me. Then she spots Sarah and the smile changes to a frown for a mere second. "Whose this?" She asks looking away from Sarah to make eye contact with me carefully, knowing to look just below the pupil to avoid the actual essense that cause any female to faint around archangel.

"Oh, Aurora this is Sarah and vise vesa" I say winking at Sarah. She blushes. Suddenly my phone goes off. I pull it out and a message pops up from Amelia. I open and find myself smiling while shaking my head. "Excuse me guys, Shorty's in trouble again. I'll be back here in twenty minutes"

I head out of the apartment praying they will both play nice and get along. Not that I have any worries. Aurora's a great person and friend to my sister.

The End

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