Amelia Brown

"No, Josh, I have not stolen your stupid CD" I told my annoying older brother. Half brother. "I didn't steal it yesterday, and I won't have stolen it tomorrow. Please stop asking"

"Well then, Amelia, I guess you won't mind if I search your bedroom" he said, probably trying to get me to admit it. The thing was, I hadn't stolen his CD, so that was impossible. 

"Search my room, then!" I exclaimed. "Why don't you ever ask Evan if he's stolen it?"

"'Cause he hasn't" he said, sauntering out of the living room.

This was part of my average, everyday, human life. I was pretty normal. Normal name. Normal parents. Normal siblings. Normal school. Normal house. Normal appearance. Normal... normal-ness! 

The only not-normal thing about me was that I was friends with an extremely good-looking archangel. Theseus was one of the only people I wasn't annoyed with right now. 

"Ameeeeeeeeeeee" my nine year old half brother, Evan, walked up to me. 

"What?" I snapped.

"If I eat the chocolate from the fridge, will you tell on me?"

Ugh. "Not if you go away and don't talk to me until Mum gets back"

"OK!" he walked off towards the kitchen. I sighed and went back to my homework. No, I had no idea whatsoever how angels and seraphs and archangels came to be. No, I did not know why humans were still here. And, no, I did certainly not know why archangels were so beautiful.

When I'd asked Theseus, he'd just shrugged, grinning "Work it out for yourself, shorty"

Yes, I was kinda short. Theseus reminded me of that every day. He was like a giant compared to me. He often talked about this seraph, Sarah. I really wanted to meet her. I'd never seen her, but she sounded like a nice person. 

"AMY!" Dad's voice boomed from the study. I sighed and went upstairs. What was I supposed to have done now?

The End

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