Sarah: Archangel

Why did I have to have school on my birthday? I suppose it was a benefit that I could see all my friends but really, birthdays were something you wanted to happen at the weekend or during a holiday. Not on a day you had to work hard and concentrate on lessons. Well, at least I would see Jamie. I knew for certain that he would make light of my situation. I could picture his chestnut brown hair, his warm eyes and his broad grin which always appeared when I was around. We were only friends and it was going to stay that way, but sometimes, it was nice to entertain oneself with thoughts of a silly fantasy. Deep down, I had a feeling that my willingness to imagine such absurd situations was part of my desire to become a movie star and act in romantic or dramatic scenes, such as slaying a dragon or kissing in the rain... I paused in this contemplation as I realised I wasn't actually paying attention to where my feet were taking me. I looked around and saw that I was headed in the right direction, and continued on my way. I smiled to myself. What a dreamer I was.

Suddenly, I was confronted with a gorgeous guy.

"Hello," he said, as I blink and take in the almost overwhelming sight. "My name is Theseus, yours?"

"Sarah," I whispered, as I looked past the face containing the magically beautiful, strangely-coloured ... captivating eyes, framed by the soft, fluffy-looking light blond hair... and to the shoulders which were broad to a pleasingly slight extent, the distinct muscles which weren't too built-up and the bare chest revealed by the two undone buttons on his shirt. I looked slowly back to his eyes, and as I counted and name the colours I could see (1. gold, 2., silver and 3. azure - although in my mind there was obviously more detail than that), I realised that I was in the presence of an archangel. "You're a - a - an archangel," I gasped.

He nodded. "And you a seraph."

He held my gaze steadily.

I noticed that I was feeling a little light-headed - my breathing had been fairly quick and my heart was pounding in my chest. I forgot to inhale as I lost myself in those eyes and that wise, profound gaze and fell forwards in a faint.


I awoke upon a sofa in an unfamiliar building. I saw the archangel in an armchair watching me intently and began to feel dizzy again. I quickly shut my eyes and waited for my breathing to calm down. Slowly, I opened my eyes again, this time carefully avoiding looking at the handsome creature across the room from me.

Several thoughts occurred to me at once.

I had just met an archangel!! My dream had come true.

He had brought me to his ... flat, from the look of the room and the view of skyscrapers outside the room. I was actually going to get to talk with the guy!

How wonderful! How superb! How lucky! How many people could say their dreams had come true? And on their birthday, too. How ... special.

But the reason I had been brought to the flat was in contrast not a welcome thought at all. I had been unconscious. Damn, I had fainted!

The End

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