Theseus Wright

I sit looking down at the young seraph. "Uh quit it, Theseus. You're getting all dreamy" Elixia groans walking across the roof to sit next to me.

"But can't you admit shes incredible?" I whisper watching as she walks along the path bag slung over her shoulder, soft silvery blond hair cascading down her back with its faint greenish tint.  Her wise light blue eyes are piercing and I can't help but watch her in an almost awed state.

"She's a seraph, a spawn of an angel. Of course! She's incredible and beautiful" Elixia scoffs finally giving in slumping down next to me. "You know fathers going to ground you if you don't stop this foolish attitude. The girl father lives among the humans, she's never gonna get to our homeland. So stop wishing it"

"Why couldn't I bring her?" I ask looking at my sister, her pure might of being a fully fledged angel towering over me. She sighs heavily and I know she hates the fact that I have to be told again.

"Cause father would just send her back. You know how he doesn't take in strays" I try to speek but she continues knowing what I was trying to say. "And if you took her elsewhere he'd just send her back anyway just to punish you, it wouldn't work Theseus"

"Not if he didn't know" I whisper. Then jump from the roof of the building. As I fall down through the air its like my wings burst disapearing from my back in a cloud of feathers which themselves disapear into the air. I look back to the roof to watch Elixia shake her head then take off into the sky.

She won't tell father... I know it. I turn and head down the street finding the young seraph in an instant. "Hello" I say stepping in front of her. She stops immediatly, she blinks several times confused. "My name is Theseus, yours?"

"Sarah" She whispers. I wait as slowly her eyes take my entire self in. My shirts first two buttons are undone and the jeans I wear fit losely but my sneakers are tied tight. Slowly several this click through her mind when her gorgeous eyes meet mine. "You're a-a-a... archangel" She gasps.

I nod simply. "And you a seraph" I say remaining to keep eye contact. Her breathing is heavy and her cheeks flush slowly.

"I..." She whispers. Then she faints. Her body falls forward and I catch it. I sigh heavily. Why must this constantly happen? I know for an archangel I'm considerably beautiful but why do the girls I don't want to faint on me always faint on me? I shake my head then lift her up in my arms. Nothing to do except take her back to my apartment in the city and let her sleep on the sofa till she awakes.

The End

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