Did you hear that she's a seraph?

Name: Sarah Windfall

Age: 17

Looks: Tall and slender. Pale face (apparently beautiful, according to friends) framed by long silvery blonde hair with a faint greenish tinge to it in bright sunlight, light blue eyes (apparently open and wise, according to some of male friends - not sure whether that's a good thing or not).

This was the first thing I wrote in the diary I had received for my seventeenth birthday. The book was beautiful, bound in blue leather with paper that reminded me of parchment - I was kind of a fan of the archaic.

After that, I took a deep breath and wrote 'I am a seraph.'

I put the pen down, closed my eyes, and tried to steady my breathing. There's no one else in here apart from you, I reminded myself. So let your feelings out and forget about it. Heck, you need to, girl.

'A seraph is a girl whose mother is a human and whose father is an angel. Don't ask me why: that's just the way things are. A seraph typically lives in Bliss, because that's usually the homeplace of the father, but my dad's strange and has adapted to living on Earth. Or tried to adapt anyway. He's way too polite and well-intentioned to be considered normal. Anyway, back to being a seraph. Typical qualities are: a personality many consider beautiful and touching, an 'inspiring conscience' (that's what Jamie says anyway and he usually says a lot of stuff about how wonderful the world would be if we all felt bad for doing the wrong thing), and a shining aura of golden light... Kidding! Although, my dad says I could get one if I ever ascended to Angel status.

'Enough about seraphs in general: let's talk about me. I would like to meet an archangel (a guy whose father is an angel and whose mother is a human). I think it would be an interesting experience - I love encountering new things. Oh, who am I kidding? Archangels are supposed to be dead romantic and I'm your average teeange girl! Until I do meet an archangel, I shall daydream about what one is like. The only things I know about them are that they supposedly have similar personalities to me and that they are so gorgeous that particularly emotional girls tend to faint around them. I hope that I'm not one of the girls who faint around them: how depressing would it be to miss even seconds of conversation around them? ... I think you get the idea about how much I want to meet one.

'Is there anything else you really need to know about me? No, I don't think so. Nothing of significance.

'Except that ... I have a longer life span than most. Let's just leave it at that, shall we?'

I closed the book and sighed in relief. That was over and done with. A closed case. Although... I didn't really feel complete. I felt satisfied but ... I still longed to meet an archangel and I was still incredibly terrified that somebody would find out I was a seraph. Life just wasn't your best friend sometimes.

The End

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