Me, Myself, and I (cont.)Mature

At first, I really wanted nothing more than to dissuade Myself. Negotiation and debate are part of the foundation of reason; pieces that are important, as well as necessary. It will speak volumes of I to remind you that premeditated murder was not the first response.

I stated facts and researched well documented accounts, just to prove the argument. "Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce." This undeniable data conceived the idea in I's mind that chivalry was the first casualty of modern 'love,' and commitment was the next intended victim.

Myself harbors a differing belief. A gentleman, much like anything else, can be found if one knows where to look. Myself has faith in the aspect of true love. The thought that two souls can share a common bond, like starlight mingling with the shadows of the universe, is reason itself to pursue companionship. "Without love, we are no different than the animals of the earth."

It was made certain that Myself was impervious to the initial negotiations, so don't say I never tried.

It is no small task for I to kill Myself, or so I thought. I simply cannot stab or shoot Myself, because that would only hurt I and Me as well. How does one kill a personality? The idealist would say by transformation; the realist would say by drugs; the cynic would say personalities cannot die. I ventured to answer that question, in hopes to part with Myself forever; free to live and learn in peace.

It can be said, with confidence, that Myself is not a caterpillar, so hoping for a metamorphosis was pointless. The drugs seemed to work well, at first. I was left undisturbed, and many books were read in the silence of an empty room. Tic-toc of the clock, turning page after page; exploring the worlds of Victor Frankenstein, D`Artagnan, and Myshkin.

I quietly sedated Myself with the drugs, which was both a glorious and pitiful affair. Without strength or fortitude to fight off the quelling nature of the chemicals coursing through Myself, there was a serene pause from romance and desire for companionship. There was no longer a need for sharing Myself with others.

The End

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