A-Drew: RunMature

Ruth and I ran through the corridors as fast as we could. Ruth kept on trying to tell me something, but I didn't listen. I wanted to save my energy for running, and anyway, whatever Ruth wanted to tell me about that room, it probably wasn't good.

"There!" someone yelled. Whoever it was had snuck up on us awful quick. I whirled around. Ruth yelled something incoherently into my ear, as I was standing right next to her. Finally I heard what she was saying, just a few words, over and over.

"Blood! Drew, that room! Human blood!" I suddenly went cold.

"C'mon!" I said, grabbing her hand and pulling her along. The Adept was after us. I spied, from a ways down the hall, a door with someone inside. A sympathetic? I felt that person, or were my powers just going crazy?

"There's a sympathetic in that room!" I yelled.

I ducked in, and saw someone standing there. It was a huge room, and mainly empty. Except for someone standing there, standing among dead bodies. Before I could ask anything, the door started to open. I stood against it, bracing it with all my strength. Ruth came to help me.

"Core, since you were going to ask, were you not? Let me. Super strength." I stepped back.

Core took my place, and Ruth stepped back as well. "Aren't you going to ask me why I killed all of them?" motioning to the dead bodies.

"Yeah." I answered, frowning. "Meeting someone that just killed a bunch of Adepts really doesn't top the list of things-I-have-ever-wanted-to-do. Even if they are Adepts that would have killed me."

The End

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