A - CoreMature

The Adepts finaly caught up to me.

" Core fore being a sympathetic Adept.  you are to be treated as a human." Nirilli said my old time best friend. Her squad of idiotic adpepts finally arrived hoping for a fight.

" Ah Nirilli is that the case? If so prepare yourself for death." I replied

When I was agianst humans my power was insane strength I could create massive earthquakes with one of my punches. But now I'm sympahthetic for the Human's I gained something new something the others fear greatly.

Nirilli commanded the others for an attack. In one right to left kick all the idiots that charged hadthere organs crushed beyond mending.  The only one left was Nirilli. 

" Traitor!" She hissed shooting a giant flaming metal ball at me. 

It stopped then blinked out of existance my second power was choosing wether something existed or not. I can also bring things back into existance but that took to much energy so I never do it

" Sorry Nirilli. You no longer exist." I said closing my eyes. as her screams grew into silence.

One day Nirilli  I'll bring you back. I vowed to myself but now wasn't the time more adepts where coming I was running out of energy so I jumped with my outrageous strength.  causing a shutter in the earth.


The End

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