I was barely aware of Drew talking to other people. The room was terrifing, my powers seemed to dull down 20 fold. Blood covered the sides, I didn't need to test it to know what it was.

Human blood.

I shook as I looked around, Who the hell would do this?

Stupid question, another voice retorted, it was the Adepts.

Murdering Bastereds! I think visiously as I see odd bits of limbs here and there.

Next thing I know, Drew's grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the bloody room and into a little out closet.

"Did you see that place?" I ask, trying so hard not to cry.

"No, I was too busy," she says harshly.

"I-I did," My voice wobbly.

"Ruth, save it..." She says, as soon as she says that I shut down, No way, on this God forsaken planet am I showing her my true feelings!!!


"Let's just get out of this closet."


"Let's go."

Fine! Don't listen to me!

She opens the closet door, poking her head out. An Adept says, "What are you doing in there," his tone afficent.


"You're checking the supplies," I hiss in her ear ducking in the shadows.

"I am checking the supplies," she mimics his afficent tone.

"Okay, be quick, there is a human and a sympathetic Adept somewhere in here." He says, "In fact, I just need to check in here - just to make sure."

He slips past Drew, who's eyes are wide and walks in. He looks around and turns to me, his eyes widen, glowing. I feel his power, Thank God you're back! I think to my powers. "Mind if I borrow that? No? Alright then." I push my hand into his gut electrocuting him with his own power.

"C'mon then!" Drew says, looking around for more bad Adepts.

"Ok, here take this," I pick out a security card from the unconicious Adept's jacket. She grabs it, and we run down the corridor ducking into doorways, whenever we hear sounds.

The End

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