I ran after Felix, though I hated to leave Kirall. But he could put us all at risk if he was found out. I finally caught up to him. "Stop, you moronic, stupid, human!" I yelled at him. "Are you trying to get caught?" I hissed.

I could tell he looked afraid, but I just motioned angrily back to where I had come from. I exhaled in a gust. "Come." I ran back, and maybe scared, maybe just courious as to why I wasn't ripping him to shreds like most Adepts would, he followed.

Then we got to a big, white, modern building. I gasped, as I had never seen it before. It was... imposing. I had lived alot of my life in the forest, and, I have to say, it scared me to death.

Suddenly Ruth appeared from behind. "Bloody hell!" she said. I nodded.

"Whatever centre those Adepts were talking about, I think we've found it." I said. I glared at both humans. "If either of you are found, you won't be able to survive. I feel lots of Adepts inside, and they're all hostile. I've never been in there, so my stealth won't work. Felix, please don't run off again. I'll leave you here. Ruth, I'm taking you inside with me. I trust your ability to keep safe. I have to find Kirall. Let's go."

Ruth and I left Felix outside. "He's wondering whether or not to follow us." Ruth whispered. "Let's get inside." I looked for a place to get in, as I didn't want to just walk in the front door. An air vent caught my eye. I grabbed Ruth by the hand and pulled her towards a tree. She nodded. We climbed, and walked along the branch that hung near the vent.

"One, two, three!" she said. We both jumped.

The End

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