H-Ruth: What the hell?!Mature

"Hey, wait!" Drew yells after 'Felix' runs off. "Hey, Ruth is it? Yeah, Ruth, can you... yeah." She joggs off huffingm "Wait here!" She yells.

So there I stand there, in the middle of nowhere, looking and feeling cluless. I look around and wander after them, I really can't be bothered to run - the teleporting took way too much energy, I mean c'mon twice in one day. Phew!

I yawn and strech my arms high above my head. How the hell could I not read that Felix's emotions? If he was trying to piss Drew off then he's hit that barrel, unfortunatly I'm a little harder to pee off. I find the humor in everything.

I shake my head in amusment and catch up with the others. Who are gawping at a hugely clean whitish modern building. "Bloody hell!" I say, my eyes widening.

The End

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