H-Kirall: Since when could Adepts teleport?Mature

I can hear Drew and two humans, I don't know who, behind me. Suddenly the Adepts turn and a miniature whirlwind blasts towards us. Suddenly the one of the Adepts teleports, since when could Adepts teleport? I manage to open my eyes and lift my head. I see a white building, and one of the Adepts says "Finally, the Centre. Let's get our money and go. I don't like humans," and then notices I'm awake. A rough hand forces my mouth open and pours a small bottle of some foul smelling thick black liquid down my throat. I gag on it- it tastes worse than polluted water- but the world slips sideways and I hear doors open and the sound of running footsteps. 

Then I neither see nor hear anything.

The End

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