H - FelixMature

"Hey, you guys are weird" I mutter. The two girls turn to look at me.

"Who are you?" One of them hisses. "Can you tell?"

The other girls eyes narrow. "Don't bother kitten, I could keep you out all week" I say smiling.

My powers

1)Shield, Mental and physical



4)Immortal, Don't that rock. I can even give it to others.... not that I've bothered. It also automatically heals any of my wounds and I never get ill..... well I can get a cold but I don't get mager diseses.

5) Control over the elements.

Overall I'm pretty powerful. But I try and avoid the spot light...... but this I couldn't resist. Two Adapts carrying a Human followed by an Adapt and a Human.

Sorry if it sound bad but I just couldn't stop laughing.

"So what happening?" I ask nodding at the human that's asleep.

"You haven't told us your name?" The Adapt hisses.

"You haven't told me your's sweetheart" I say winking. I love messing with girls like this they get frustrated so easily.

"My names Drew" The Adapt tells me.

"Ruth" The Human says. "And the one unconcious is Kirall..... Why are you standing in the shadows?"

Ahh yes, my hateful truth. I hate my looks. I'm not bad looking, I'm actually quite good looking........ but I hate it when girls go all dreamy eyed.


"My name's Felix" I say looking up. "Hmm, rain" I mutter just as it start to fall. I look at the Human. "Your doing?"

"It happens when I'm confused or upset" Ruth says.

"Where are you going?" Drew shout's.

"I'll walk to your little base see you there in a few minutes" I say taking off at a run. Even though running ain't my power I'm physically fit and I run powerfully through the trees.

The End

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