H-Ruth: My pleasureMature

I follow Drew, amused. We sneak among the bracken and ropey roots. Annoyance radiates off Drew, 'I don't care," was the last thing she said, she was lieing then, Oh Yes She Was.

We see some Adepts further away stalking around, in this over grown kingdom.

"Shut up!" Drew hisses. My brown hair slips in front of my eyes, tickling my nose. I blow it away, it falls back. I blow harder and it stays at the top of my head, unfortunatly I also sent a rush of wind up up and away.

"SHIT!" I say, the Adepts turn to us.

"I thought you said you can said you can be sneaky?!?!!??"

"Yes, buuut... heh, well my weathery powers are odd." I grin and fling my hand in the Adepts direction, flinging them away with a mini hurricane. "That was a bit harsh, even by my standards."

Drew gives me such a look, that I almost fall back dead.

"No problem, don't mention it, it was my plessure to help!" I mutter under my breath. I chewed on my lip,  "Want to go?"

"Yeah, how are we going to do that, then?" Drew asks, her emotions very pissed off.

"I can teleport, duuhh."

"And where are we going?"

"I don't know," I say in what-do-I-look-psychic-to-you? Oh wait, you are!

I grin, "maybe I could get a reading off tweedle-dee or tweedle-dumb."

"Are you going  to try then?"

"Ok, Ok. Hold your bloomin' horses." I jog over to tweedle-dee, place my hand on his head and read. "Yep, yep. God this dude's conflicted!"

"And... do you know where we're going?" Drew says drawing up to me.

"Of course." I grib her hand, and we going flying through the air and land with a thud on the ground.

"Nice landing, NOT!"

"Oh, you're welcome. I don't mind using my energy for a attitudy Adept"

She sighs, "Alright then, thanks." She bites, oviously not meaning it - and I didn't even need to read her!

The End

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