"Hey, I'm Ruth. Howdy. Nice to meet you." I looked wildly around. Just behind me, someone else stood. She saw me. Another human. She followed me, often looking down, to the forest floor that lay a ways down.

"I'm human." Ruth said. "I can read your mind." I stopped for a moment, but then kept creeping along the branches.


"You aren't scared. You don't care. You are rather a loner and the girl that you were following but now have lost is named Kirall."


"So, what's with your single word answers?"

"I like being short and consise, and I don't like having to say everything."

"Doesn't matter, anyway. I can tell what your thinking." I whirled around.

"There are Adepts taking Kirall. I want to find out where they are going, but first I have to find them. Yes, I lost them." She then was silent. I wasn't sure was to do with this new person that was following me. Should I let her come?

"Oh, and I can mimic your powers. I'll be stealthy too."

"Okay." I said. "As you already know, I don't care."

The End

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