H-Ruth: Can't touch thisMature

"Hey, I'm Ruth. Howdy. Nice to meet you," yadda yadda ya. I stand up in the samll circle, some people snigger. "Stupid tart," One person thinks. I snarl in my head and take a huge breath and crack my jaw.

"Hello, Ruth." That patronising woman says. "How are you feeling today?"

"Meh." Is all I reply with, I really cannot be bothered to explain.

"Trust a human to be like that." A small thing says, I give them a death stare and they back off.

"'Meh,' hey? Well then, why don't you tell us a little bit more about yourself?" "Like your powers," She finishes in her head.

"Well, for starters I can pick up everybodys' emotions - well those near by anyhow," The room shifts to be uncomfortable. "Oh, and here's the best part, I can read anybody's mind." I smile, my cheshire cat's patronising smile.

"YOU FREAK!" The little thing says.

"Says the one," I say.

"How dare you!" She says, hair flaming. Aww! Fuck!

Next thing I know, my hair is on fire. Super!

Yes, my five powers:

  1. Read all minds - of people near by, or people I know
  2. Read and control all near by peoples' emotions.
  3. Teleportaion
  4. Control the weather [always fun to make hot days by the beach... soggy :')]
  5. Copy-cat powers - I can take anybody's near by powers, so long as they're near by.

The girl starts shooting fire balls at me.

"Well," I say dogding them, "guess I'll be seeing you!" I laugh and transport into some unknown place... Did I mention, my teleportaion abilities are a wee bit... Um... unpredicable.

"Hey, I'm Ruth. Howdy. Nice to meet you." I chuckle, repeting myself.

The End

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