A-Drew: KirallMature

My visitor left. I knew she was a human, but I didn't care. Humans aren't that much different, really. We had the same emotions, feelings, and such, I believe. One of my powers was to catch glimmers of other people. Not their thoughts, exactly, but rather a feeling of who they were on the whole. Any drastic things that had happened in their past, I felt. And this was a most unusual visitor.

"What to do?" I wondered aloud. I wondered if I should go after Kirall... it would be a good adventure that would interupt my usually monotonous life.

I slowly came out of my shelter. I followed her tracks, but after only a ways they stopped. Her powers, I would bet. Aimlessly, I walked through the forest. My power mentioned, detection of someone's life, worked with animals too. I felt the primative animals that were on the forest floor or in the trees.

I heard a commotion. I started running, wondering what was happening. Was it Kirall? I stood dead still. She was human. Other Adepts would easily be able to take her to civilization. I shuddered to think of what they could do to her. I suddenly saw a figure, or was it more than one? move through the forest.

I then decided to take a different approach. I chose a tree with many handholds, climbing it without trouble. One of my other power was stealth, but it only worked where I have been before. However, I had prowled every inch of the forest, so it worked while I walked precipitously along tree branches above the forest floor.

I looked down, seeing some people dragging an unconsious Kirall. "No..." I whispered. Still using my power, I jumped from the branch. I didn't hurt myself, as I also had extreme dexterity and flexibility. Moving quietly and silently, as well as skilfully, through the forest was one of the reasons I live here.

They were all wearing dark clothing, blending in with the foilage and shadows. I came behind one, quickly grabbing a thick stick from the ground. I knocked him on the head, and he fell over. The others then noticed me. I kept hold of my stick, thinking of all the moves I used while hunting. A whack on the head, piercing the main blood vein on the neck, any of them would suffice.

But then one drew forth a gun. Well, there goes my great plan. I jumped up the limbs of a tree, hiding myself among a bough of needles. I saw them surveying the trees. Kirall stirred a little, but I could not get down to grab her. "I'll be with you..." I whispered, running still along the branches while they dragged Kirall and their unconsious comrade.

"I'll follow you..." I whispered.

The End

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