H - Alila : Escape!Mature

My whole body is now covered in blood, I still don't feel any pain, though I can feel myself getting weaker. Pieces of mirror on the floor are covered in my blood or reflect the bloody mess I am in. Suddenly, a door appears out of nowhere and slides into the wall. People in weird black body suits run in, charging at me. I duck as they reach out for me then I pull a piece of mirror from my head, my other hand hiding my bits. I stand up again and I notice that a window can be seen where the mirror was because I had smashed all the mirror off. I look inside, and wave to the was-sleeping guard who stares at me with a frozen face before getting dragged away by the people. Hands grab my wrists and uncover my bits.

"I'M BLOODY NAKED. LET GO OF ME, YOU PERVS!" I shout to them, they back away then someone hands me a set of clothing which I put on hurridly. They grab my wrists again but I just pout at them. I concentrate then my hand goes through the ones holding me and I get away. I heal my head easily, not really noticing a difference. They walk towards me, their hands out in attack motion, I just walk straight through them and out of the carelessly open door. I see them turn to look at me in surprise as I smirk back.

The End

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