H-Kirall: Oh buggerMature

I sit eating the steaming liquid that Drew calls beef stew. I finish it and get up to leave.

"You can come back if you need shelter any time," says Drew. I want to tell her I'd love to, but she's an Adept. I'm a Human. Humans and Adepts mix like water and electricity. Explosively. I leave the shelter and run through the forest again, the trees blurring into a thick wall of green. I concentrate and a pair of large dark green wings, like bat wings but much more robust burst from my back. Anther two of my powers: Extreme Speed and Flight. Humans are supposed to have five, but I don't know my other two. I fly above the trees, dropping my guard. Big mistake. A small silver hypodermic dart flies up and drives into my side. I gasp in shock. My wings disappear and I fall to the forest floor. I hear someone say  "Another human. We'll get a high price for her at the centre," and then a syringe is plunged into my neck and the world turns black...

The End

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