H-Alila : Science labMature

I wake up, sweat running down my forehead. There's a white ceiling, white walls, no door visible and a mirror on one side of the room. An inspection window? Where am I?

My hands are strapped down to a hospital bed, pipes are strapped to my arms and as far as I'm aware, I am naked.

"Shit, what the heck?" I shout. I concentrate and my hands go through the straps easily, it's one of my powers. I take a step out of the bed and fall to the ground like a toddler. My legs feel very weak like I haven't used them for days. I manage to stand up and stumble towards the "mirror". Covering my bits, I pressed my face into the window, looking for anyone who might be in there.

"Hello? I know you're in there. I can hear you." And indeed I can, my extra strong senses meant I hear, see, taste, touch, and smell much better than other people. Someone is gently breathing in that office. Asleep perhaps.

"Wake up!" I shout, my breath makes condensation on the mirror. Another one of my powers is that I can never be physically hurt. So I decide to bash my head against the mirror.

"You idiot!" I hear someone inside say faintly but angrily. "You're supposed to be watching her, not sleeping. Get a move on, she's going to kill herself like that." I keep bashing my head, a piece of mirror broke off and my head starts to bleed, but I don't feel any pain at all. I just grin at the mirror, hoping they see it.

The End

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