H-Kirall: Ah. That.Mature

"What I want to know is, how come you to have the stench of blood around you?" says Drew. Ugh. I spend most of my life running away and tring not to be killed by Adepts, and then I run right into one of their shelters.

"Even if it's not important, my name is Kirall. The smell of blood is probably due to the fact I killed the five Adepts chasing me on the way here," I say. I start picking bits of leaf out of my short black messy pixie cut and wondering why Drew hasn't tried to kill me yet. Perhaps they haven't noticed I'm human. The pot on the fire boils over and Drew goes and takes the lid off. The smell of cooked... cow? I thought they were extinct. I try to keep the hunger off my face, but it doesn't seem to work because a bowl is shoved under my face. I stare at it with my glowing emerald eyes, then I look at Drew.

"Why?" I ask.

"Because you need it. Go on, eat," Drew replies. I automatically disobey, but can't keep it for long. I'm just too hungry.

The End

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