"I was looking for my friend, Sam," Max said. Standing up and facing the gate.

"But your curiosity has been quelled," the knight grinned from ear to ear.

Max laughed, "No, I have no desire to leave." He shook the bars of the gate, to see that it was still jammed dead shut, "Still, it would be nice to know if I can."

"Well," hummed the knight, retrieving a pouch from his shoulder strap and tossing it towards Max, "I hate to be the bearer of good news."

With lighting reflexes, Max reached out and caught the pouch. Within it was a rusty antique key.

"If you're not planning to leave, tell me why you chose to look for your friend here," the knight continued. Max turned around and sat back down on the rock.

"Sam used to write all these stories; and one of them was about a place like this. In the story, there was this hero who came to the cemetery at night and slept by the crypt of his dead father. Sam's father died earlier this week, so I just decided to come here."

"Only..." the knight continued, "You weren't quite expecting all of... this?"

Max shrugged and smiled softly, "I've seen magic before... none quite as potent, but this doesn't surprise me."

The knight cocked an eye and leaned towards Max. "I was not aware of magic beyond these gates. Tell me a bit more about Sam.

"I really don't feel like talking much about Sam, though..."

"I understand - I've been in your position; where you're missing a friend but you don't want to talk about them as if they're gone forever. Well, if you don't want to talk about them, tell me more about the hero in your friend's story. If you do me this favour, I will help you find your friend."

The End

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