lost in the hell

its 3 am in the morning...the whole world is sleeping..but i am still awake...m still alive ..

m not a good writer..but to help myself..i use to write diary..not regularly..occasionally, specially when m too depressed to express..i cant express how badly n hurt..feeling alone..i cant pour all my feeling into this writing desk..

nut right now m depressed, frustrated of my own busy, scheduled boring life..i never wanted  this from my life..maine zindagi me jo bhi chaha maine paya..but at this moment i dont want anything more surprises from the life..m tired of all this stuffs....m tired of being pretending strong but actually aisa nahi hai..m tired of being pretending that i dont care about others..

m tired of myself..at the very golden age of the life..when guyz and girls are securing their future, enjoying their college life, participating in the so called feeling LOVE and friendship, accepting the challenges of life..when love is blossoming, old school regathering..jab saaro duniya apne liye kuch behtar kar rahi hai tab main yaha akela zindagi se shikayat kar raha hun..recently i have crossed my teen age..entered into my college life. at that moment i was full of energy, fully enthusiastic, truly passionate about mbbs(about my career), a guy who is egoistic, self esteemed psychopath, who  love to his life at the edge, worst man u have ever met in your life..PURELY DEVIL..

m sorry for being so dramatic..but its all true.

The End

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