Silver Star: Gensin the ServantMature

Silver - or Gensin, as per his Master's instructions - followed Pharneus Dracarys to yet another room. After much make up and disguising, he had been made to look like another servant. His Master had been angered at the growing recognition the scars brought about, but had not taken it out on Silver. Why? Wasn't it enough to earn a beating at the least? Silver rubbed his scarred wrists nervously, wondering how much longer he could go without punishing himself. He was evil.

The door to Silver's right opened to show his 'Master' leaving the Lord Harnesh's quarters. "Come, Gensin," Lord Dracarys said as he closed the door behind him. "We are moving to Lord Gerald's quarters. I have a meeting I have to attend there."

"Y-yes, my L-lord," Silver stuttered, his voice pitched slightly higher and drawn out just a hair longer. The servant he was impersonating was a shorter man named Gensin. He was head of the servants Lord Dracarys had brought along and helped with organizing meetings with other Lords of the castle. Silver had been forced to study the man for a week as per his true Master's instructions and had found himself disgusted by the servant. But, he had persevered and now was playing his part. Of course, the real Gensin was in the town doing something he thought Lord Dracarys had allowed involving prostitutes. 

"Was there any other lords available when you checked earlier, Gensin?" Lord Dracarys asked as he walked. 

Silver shook his head very furiously - another of Gensin's quirks - and spoke after a few moments. "W-well, Lord Gren was available, b-but I fear h-he is too low to speak t-to you, my l-lord." 

Lord Dracarys turned sharply, making Silver jump and cover his shoulders as Gensin would do. "To low? Gensin, EVERYONE in the palace is too low for me! But, I must gain the trust of all of them!" The taller man grabbed Silver's shoulder tightly and glanced around. "Do you understand? It is all for the sake of the plan."

Silver cringed. This was the opportune time to get the information and be done with this vile man. He could simply ask and Lord Dracarys would spill everything, especially since he was Gensin at the moment. But, it would ruin the disguise. Lord Dracarys would become curious and eventually realize the truth. He was not stupid in the least.  

"Of... of course, m-my lord," Silver replied, then bowed deeply. 

Lord Dracarys slapped him on the shoulder and walked toward his next destination. "You always bow too low, Gensin. While I love your enthusiasm, you have to wait, alright?" 

Silver simply bowed again, though this time not as deep, and hurried after Lord Dracarys. The passes they took were ones he had been ordered to scout out as Gensin. Just from the implications and way Lord Dracarys treated Silver while he was in disguise gave away the position he held. Silver could report all this to his Master and be done with Lord Dracarys and Gensin's wretched personality all together. But, no.... 

Then, Silver would be ordered to kill.

"Hurry up, Gensin!" Lord Dracarys snapped. 

Silver did so, hating himself as he twisted Pharneus Dracarys' actions from those of treachery, to those of a supporting brother. After all, why wouldn't a brother want to secure allies for his sister?

The End

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