Silver Star - A Dangerous ManMature

Silver followed the Lady Dracarys around for some time before she disappeared into the dressmaker known as Vadachi's house. It was easily the largest clothier Silver had ever seen. In his own tribe, the ones who sewed clothing were all women and had a small hut to work in. Some thought it cramped, but those who worked in the sewing hut thought it to be comfortable. Surely this building was too big for one man?

Silver kept up his blank mask and ignored any of the guards advances to speak with him. There was no chance they would fight him while in service. Sure, knights would become corrupt in these lands, according to Silver's Master, but they would never act out in such a violent way while in the service of royalty. Right now, Lady Dracarys was the equivalent of a First-Born of an Elder, or a princess. There was no opportunity for death.

"So, we meet again."

Silver was tempted to ignore the last of the guards to try and speak with him, but found himself recognizing the guard's voice. Sure enough, it was the bearded guard with the scar that stopped him a while back when Silver searched the Lord and Lady Dracarys' rooms.

Silver adjusted his eyes so that he could watch the Lady Dracarys from the second story window and the familiar guard. "Is there something I can do for you, sir?"

The guard smiled and shook his head. "I simply am curious as to why you always appear in the strangest of places?"

Silver remembered one of his first orders when his Master had been teaching him how to speak like a servant. 'Never let a guard find you suspicious,' Master had ordered, 'If they are mine, they will not question you.' This man had suspicion. That must be rectified.

"I am a servant of Lord Vyper, the Hand of the King," Silver replied to the man, "My lord simply requested that I accompany the Lady Dracarys since I seem to be very talented in serving, sir. I believe I have informed you of myself before?"

The man gave no reaction, but he instead just watched for a moment. "I have heard some who are bound at a young age are trained as assassins at a young age and sent to show the world what dangers the human race could cause."

Silver's breath nearly caught, but he remained calm. On the outside at least. "Those usually die very young as well, sir," Silver replied, noticing the Lady Dracarys and her maid appearing in the doorway of the building, "I assure you that there is nothing you need fear."

The scarred guard smiled, then leaned close to Silver's ear, "Apophys wants to make sure this wedding goes well, so he sends the Star of Silver Light to protect the bride to be." Silver froze, then stared at the guard coldly. "Between you and me, I hope you are that Star. Maybe this kingdom has a chance, then." With that, the guard walked back into place and saluted with the rest of the guards.

Silver shook his discomfort and bowed at the Lady Dracarys. "Shall I take your bags, my lady?"

Lady Dracarys, not for the first time, stared at Silver's scars. It was only brief and barely even noticeable, but it seemed she was familiar with them. Well, the Mehrals Tribe had maintained a trade with this kingdom. It was only natural some things got out.

"That will not be necessary," she said with a smile. So warm. Why was she like this if she was a high-born of this kingdom? Weren't they all corrupted to a slight degree? She seemed like a saint.

Two guards took the bags from the Lady Dracarys and her maid. The lady then looked at Silver. "It comes to mind that I do not know your name."

Silver bowed once more, "I am called Silver, my lady."

She nodded and started off towards the castle, most likely now to drop off her bought dresses. Silver followed and watched the guard as well. His Master would have to be notified of this as soon as possible. This man... was dangerous.

The End

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