Silver Star - A Lady in the GardenMature

Silver awoke to the sounds of laughter. He almost thought it a dream. One in particular where he was still with a girl named Silva from his tribe. She had the most beautiful laugh. Well... until it was lost forever to a sword. Silver remembered she was always fond of the stars. 

He shook his head. There were no stars in the sky, only sunlight and blue skies pearing through the leaves of the tree in which he slept. He looked to the ground and noticed two women, one of which was the Lady Dracarys, walking beneath. Luckily, neither noticed him. It was hard to explain a servant in a tree and his Master would likely get mad. Silver had already lost his knife...

Silver strained his ear to listen to their words. 

"...long have you known him?" Lady Dracarys asked the other woman, most likely a servant with the simpler dress. They stopped just below the tree. 

"Since I started here," The servant girl said with excitement in her voice, "Three years ago."

The Lady Dracarys smiled at the serving girl. Silver almost felt the warmness of that smile from his place up in the large tree. "And how long has he been..." there was hesitation in Lady Dracarys' voice, as if she were nervous, "Paying you attention?" It was odd, seeing her hesitate after watching her spy on the Prince the night before. 

"About the same amount of time my lady," the servant said, looking toward a rosebush nearby, "He works in the gardens. He brings me a rose, secretly, every Sunday."

"That is so romantic." Lady Dracarys smiled and gestured that they should sit on the seat by the rosebush. Silver took this as an opportunity and moved along the limbs of the trees. As the women sat on the bench, both of them looked toward the servant's belly. Perfect. 

Silver took an estimate of how hard the landing would be and leaped from his high perch. The ground came fast, but Silver was prepared. He hit and rolled instantly to disperse the force of the fall. He was saddened that his calculations were accurate, as he would have wished to have a broken limb, or even just a cut. It had been so long since he felt the pain. 

Looking around, Silver made sure no one saw his descent. Thanks to a large bush, the Lady Dracarys and her servant were out of sight. The way he fell left little noise as well. They had not heard. Silver dusted his serving clothes off and walked around the bush and toward the ladies.

Silver stopped a few feet away from where the two of them were still chatting, waiting to be noticed. The Lady Dracarys finally did notice, of course. Silver bowed deeply as her eyes met his.  "My Lady, Lord Apophis has assigned me to you as a gesture of good will. He says I am the best, so I am to serve you for the time being." 

The Lady Dracarys seemed to be in thought for a moment before she actually replied. "Lord Apophis is very thoughtful," she said slowly, "I must thank him. But we are merely taking a walk in the gardens, surely you have something to do that would be far more important than listening to women talk of weddings?"

Silver nearly swallowed. It was true that she looked like her father. But it was not in physical appearance. She let off that same charismatic attitude and kindness. Silver faced torment. Perhaps he could make her order him away? His orders were to act as a servant to her and stay close. Should she order him away, he could watch from a distance...

Silver bows once more. "If it does not bother my lady, I would prefer to listen. I assure you will not notice me as I do so." 

Lady Dracarys hesitated. All she had to say was leave and Silver would. Most nobles hated the unwanted attention of a servant, Silver had learned. Surely Lady Dracarys was no different. Sadly, she was. "Well I suppose it won't do any harm." She turned back to her servant, keeping Silver in sight. "I was thinking we might go in to the city again, and get that dress for your engagement present fitted."

Curse the Fates! 

The servant looked as though she would like to argue but does not dare. "Thank you my lady," she said nervously.

Lady Dracarys turned to Silver. "I suppose you will be following us in to town as well?"

Why had his Master ordered Silver to stay as close as possible? But, there was still a chance. Silver smiled widely. "Yes, my lady. It is not often I find myself in the company of two beautiful women." Silver bowed once more. Lady Dracarys developed a suspicious look. Good.

"Well you may attend but as with our last guards and servants you must stay outside whilst we are inside." His last hope died. This woman was either foolish, not what Silver's Master thought her to be, or simply brilliant. Silver merely bowed and replied with "Yes, my Lady." 

It seemed that once more he was to be tormented by the ghosts of his past. How many times had this happened? He had lost count. Most of the members of the tribe would have swayed from the path of the Ring, but to do so was worse than anything the Ring could make you do. This was a fact. Silver would follow, and the Watchers would know he repaid his debt to the tribe. 

They would know... Even if Silver spent the rest of his days in agony.

The End

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