Silver Star - The WatcherMature

Silver wandered the halls, biding time until he found the Lady Dracarys. One of the victims of his last kill. Surely she knew..? But, if she did not, like Silver was told, then this would be more agonizing. She would undoubtedly be nice. Silver didn't know if he could handle it. He was evil. Something to be killed. And to make matters worse, she was said to look like her father. Silver tried to ignore the details and kept walking. 


"Servant, what are you doing about?" 

Silver looked up to see Pharneus Dracarys, another victim of his past sin. Silver immediately bowed. "I am searching for my Mistress is all, my lord." No reply came. After a moment of bowing, Silver straightened to look at the Lord Dracarys. Was he observing Silver?

The lord was observing Silver, all right. But, he seemed to be focused on his face. Surely he was angry and willing to kill Silver if he recognized him? No, that look was one of curiosity, not anger or even annoyance. What was this man thinking?

"Well, you certainly have an interesting set of scars, servant," Lord Dracarys said after a moment. "Did you perchance take part in a battle some years ago? Those look to be from fighting. A scar on the face either shows great luck or great skill."

Silver bowed. "These are punishment and nothing more, my lord."

Dracarys smiled slyly. Silver was reminded of many a man with that same smile. They always made him kill the innocent. "Well, servant, I guess I mistook you for another." Silver bowed and started to walk by. Lord Dracarys never moved, though. It was odd, but Silver never questioned a lord. It was always trouble to do so. 

Metal ringing and a hard step behind Silver forced instincts to go active. He ducked and rolled backward, a blade moving where his neck used to be. He was up, facing lord Dracarys, his attacker, and nearly started a series of punches. Silver stopped himself and cursed. 

Lord Dracarys was smiling fiercely, a small knife in his hand trembling with its owner. It was the tremble of excitement. Of deriving something new. "So, you are skilled. This is interesting." With that, he put away his blade and walked down the hall. That man.... could be Silver's salvation.

Silver dusted himself off, and continued down the hallway. No need to place hop in the Lord. The Lady Dracarys had not been in her room, and the serving staff in the kitchens had seen her walk toward the Princes chambers. Surely she would not walk into a trap like that? Then again... What was the Lord Dracarys doing coming from this direction? He had either been coming from his sister's room or the Prince's due to the stairs being this way. 

Silver found himself sprinting. Was this Duty? Not wanting any misfortunes to happen to the Lady? Well, no. Silver knew why he felt this way. It was because of her father. Such a kind man could not bring something with evil into the world. Silver wanted to save the light. Maybe he could wipe his own evil out by protecting her. Not by being redeemed, of course, but killed.

Yes, such a glorious thought. 

Eventually, Silver came upon the Prince's chambers, and the Lady Dracarys, who was listening to something by the door. Instead of moving toward her, he found himself listening as well. Noises led his mind to the conclusion the Prince was up to no good. How great. The minute Silver was pulled from the man, he made his move on some unsuspecting girl. Most likely the serving girl Silver left. Silver was not the only evil in this world, of course. 

The Lady only stayed for a while, but Silver felt like it was forever. He had thought she would be angry or annoyed, or even scared, but no... She seemed more curious than anything else. Truly a virgin girl such as her was simply anxious, no? SIlver shook his head and hid himself in the dark as she passed by. Despite being only a foot or so away, he was unseen. 

A moment later, the serving girl came out. As expected. The Prince followed her out only to make sure no one was watching. Had Silver not been following him for days, the Prince never would have spotted him in the darkness of the halls. As it were, he did spot Silver.

"Hello, shadow, come to report me to my uncle?" His voice sounded annoyed and mocking at the same time. Was he perchance daring Silver to do so. It mattered not. Silver could imagine he had not heard or spoke to the prince again. His Master would only ask for the Lady Dracarys, after all. 

"I am no longer following you, your highness," Silver replied, not even bowing. There was a chance he could enrage the prince and cause a fight. The guards would come and expect Silver to be an assassin, then they could wipe his evil from this kingdom. "I simply came to check on the replacement." Silver glared at the serving girl who had just found Silver's hiding spot. She jumped and ran off. Shameful girl. She had been marked, now, never to be pure again. 

The Prince's eyes narrowed, obviously in thought of what his uncle was planning. "I see." The eyes turned mischievous in an instant following. What plans had he made. "Well, go on to your new assignment, shadow." He slammed the door behind him. Silver nearly cursed. Well, there went another plan on his own demise.

"So many things in life are not what we want," Silver mumbled. 

"And so many things are what we want."

Silver jumped and went into a fighting stance, facing the shadows that produced the voice. "Who goes there?" He knew it was not very servant-like to say those things, but whoever had moved so close without detection was a danger to his life. By the code, Silver must protect his life at all costs. Fate was truly cruel.

A figure appeared from the darkness. She was lovely, wearing a dress of the finest material and having hair long enough to be a Divine Woman and a body shapely enough to match her hair. Who was she? Silver's eyes narrowed. No, the real question was why did she have his tribe's marking on her?

"You seem defensive, Silver," she said in a sickly sweet voice, her sharp eyes narrowing in the light of a nearby torch. She seemed... to be excited. Wait.. could she be?

Silver relaxed. "You can tell the Elders I serve my purpose well, Watcher." 

She nodded. "That I will, Silver Star. Or do you call yourself Cairn Licht once more?" 

"I am Silver Star in this episode of Sin."

She nodded before turning. "May the Great Elder watch over you and grant you good fortune."

Silver nodded. "May the Great Elder watch over you as well, Watcher." Silver turned to head towards the Lady Dracarys' quarters. He would approach her tomorrow sometime. For now he would watch from one of the many trees outside her window. The Master wanted evidence of her true intentions, but Silver wanted to keep the Prince from her. Maybe his presence would serve as a deterrent?

Only time would tell.

The End

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