Silver nodded to the serving girl. He had chosen her using his Master's influence and placed her in the position of watching the Princes quarters for the night. Silver thought it high time to report, as he had taken enough time watching the Prince to understand his goals and keep him from doing much. 

"You are to use any means necessary not to lose him, understood?" The servant nodded and took her place by the ornate door. Silver noted the details of the door, as well as the area surrounding it, on more time, then left to meet with his Master.

Master was upon a balcony this night, leaving his door to be attended by the usual guards. They, of course, allowed Silver in. Such a shame. Should they mistake him for an intruder, he could attempt to force his way through and possibly....

"You are thinking of dying again?"

Silver's eyes jumped to his Master, who was now standing beside him. Had he not stopped caring for his life long ago, SIlver might have even jumped. The silence this man possessed was unnatural. "Of course not, Master."

His Master walked over towards the balcony once more. "I see lying is something you are capable of," he said softly, yet menacing, "But orders hold true." His Master tsked. Silver rubbed his arms uncomfortably. He needed a knife, and soon. If he didn't bleed... It would make his more uncomfortable. 

"Forgive me, Master." Silver bowed, running two fingers across the scars marking him a slave. This man... was too smart. Silver feared he would have to kill yet....

"It matters not," Master said, sighing and leaning on the balcony, "Tell me all that you have learned."

Silver bowed once more. "The Prince has tried to lose me on several occasions, but I managed to watch him at every moment during the last few days, Master. It seems he is bent on the bedding of his fiancee, Lady Dracarys...."

"Fool!" Silver's Master snapped. He seemed angry at this. Silver would question the ceremony of marriage in this land, had his Master not seemed so angry about the news. Didn't couples vying for marriage bed each other upon declaring their intentions? It was highly possible these people had different customs, though.

After a moment, Silver was motioned to carry on. "Lady Dracarys is a skilled wordsmith, Master, but I fear the Prince is just as skilled and moving through her defenses. They have taken a stroll in the night once and met on several occasions. The Prince has also managed a kiss. I fear this is all I have to report, little as it is."

Master turned on Silver. "I was about to order you to be punished, but I forgot you know nothing of our customs." Silver bowed and muttered apologies for his ignorance. "It matters not. All you need to know is that my nephew bedding his fiance before the wedding would ruin said wedding."

Silver nodded, realizing now what his Master had wanted of him in the first place. "Forgive me, Master, I shall not disappoint in the future of my servitude."

Silver's Master walked over and starred Silver in the eye, as if looking for something. Was it remorse? Some Masters wanted Silver to feel for his actions. Despite never finding anything in his eyes, they always assumed he had remorse. They were always right.

"Have you ever killed a young woman?"

Shocked, Silver tried finding his words. "T.. There was one time..."

His Master seemed pleased to hear this. "Tell me what happened."

Silver bowed his head slightly, preparing himself. Of all the things he had corrupted with his evil, his Master had managed to bring out one of the worst of them. "It was three summers ago. I had just been freed by a merchant who used me as a guard. When I left into town, I found the first person I could, as per protocol, and offered my services." Silver paused, trying not to picture his Mistress as he spoke of her. "Her name was Garella, she was the daughter of a rich noble. She had read on my tribe and knew what I was."

Silver paused. Could he go on? His Master motioned him to continue. There was no choice. "For nearly a whole moon cycle, I did menial tasks for my Mistress." Silver did not mention how they had become friends. He also did not mention she had nearly erased Silver's evil.... "After a while, my Mistress became involved with a merchant. Her father, unable to allow this, had the man killed. My Mistress was at a loss for this man... She... ordered me to kill her. She told me it would be by my hand, so that when the guards came I might die as well."

Silver's Master watched as a single tear fell down Silver's face. Whether the man showed compassion or resentment, Silver knew not. "How are you still alive?"

"I killed them all. I was ordered to escape the city and kill any guards under my Mistresses father." Despite those being her orders, Silver knew Mistress Garella really intended for Silver to die. He had wanted it so badly, yet the guards could not provide...

Master nodded. "I simply needed to know if you were capable of killing a young woman." And here it came. Silver knew his Master was going to order him to kill someone. Probably a woman. Maybe even Lady Dracarys. It would be a shame. "I want you to watch the lady Dracarys." Silver smiled a little. Luckily, his Master did not notice. "Her brother and her are suspicious. You are going to find any evidence you can and act as her personal servant along with that female servant she brought from her own house."

Silver bowed, hiding his happiness. No killing. Not yet. "It will be as you command, Master." 

Silver started to walk off, but his Master stopped him. "Be sure you don't let her be bedded by my nephew. At all. Understood?"

Silver bowed again and left. Now all he had to do was deliver himself to the daughter of his last victim. Maybe this was a payback from the Great Elder? Only time would tell.

The End

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