A New ObjectiveMature

Silver watched as his Master and the Prince walked by in a rush. Despite being told to wait until further orders, Silver had moved to see this 'joust.' Another servant had explained the rules and it actually made Silver want to play. Mainly because it was deadly. Yes, if he participated, he could make sure to lose. It wouldn't be suicide, just an unfortunate happening. 

Green eyes filled with anger made contact with Silver's own eyes, and his Master gave an order to follow. The Prince, remembering who Silver was from the day before, gave him a harsh glare before focusing on his uncle. It was a pity, really, Silver thought the Prince might keep his word. 

When the trio finally arrived at Master's quarters, Master turned on his nephew. 

"You have made a fool of the tournament and endangered your life," he said in a cool tone that almost belied his intense anger. Silver noted his Master's eyes again. Yes, they were the eyes of a snake. One about to strike. But how?

The Prince smiled. "I only did it to impress my betrothed. Isn't it a good thing? She is now genuinely attracted to me. This will make it-"

"It was a dangerous game, Leopold!" Silver's Master snapped, cutting off the Prince. The green eyed Master turned to Silver. "Go to your duties, then return here. I have need of you."

Silver bowed and left, but caught on to something the Prince said. "... Who is that servant?" Silver did not wait for an answer, but hoped his Master told the truth. The whole truth. The more people who knew about Silver's crime in this place, the better. One of them could kill him... Truly such a beautiful kingdom would be better off with at least on less piece of evil to strike at it?

The hallways passed by, each being noted. Silver had already memorized the castle grounds, so maneuvering was not hard in the least. Some servants gave him odd looks, most likely due to the scars running down one side of his face. A hand gripped Silver's shoulder and he almost attacked, but remembered that, due to his servitude to his current Master, he was not permitted to.

"Where are you going?"

Silver looked to the man. He was large in stature and wearing heavy armor, identifying himself as a guard. The man seemed startled when he saw Silver's face, but recovered almost instantly. That was... odd. Was it the scars? They seemed an oddity in this place and Silver's Master made him cover them with makeup when in the presence of the King, but there was little wonder why there. Silver would be recognized. 

"I am under orders from the Hand of the King, Lord Vyper, to deliver a message to Lord Dracarys, Sir," Silver said with a practiced bow. In his servant outfit was a note that essentially was telling Lord Dracarys a few places he could grab a good drink. Silver's Master was a careful man. 

The guard nodded, but seemed hesitant to let Silver go. What did he want? "What is your name, servant," the guard said, his eyes narrowing. 

Silver immediately replied with his real name. "Cairn Licht, sir."

The guard raised an eyebrow. "You are from the Mehrals Tribe?"

The man knew of Silver's homeland? How unexpected. Well, Silver's Master had prepared for all outcomes. He was a very clever man. "Yes, Lord Vyper took pity on me and took me in as a servant just a few days ago."

The guard hefted his spear. "And you were allowed near the King and Prince?"

Silver bowed. "I have been marked as a slave, sir. I must obey all commands given to me by my Master."

The guard nodded after a moment. "The Binding. I had heard about it." Silver was dismissed then, the guard's curiosity sated for the time being. 

It was odd, not many people knew of Silver's home, or of his people's customs. Just who was that man? Silver sneaked a look back. The guard had a distinguishing scar on his nose and a trimmed beard covering his face. His eyes and face were hard enough to make a stone look soft as well. An ex-soldier? In any case, Silver decided to keep an eye on the man. 

Now it was off to search the Lady and Lord Dracarys' room before they returned from the celebratory feast for the knights. It wouldn't take too long for his to search the two rooms, but he was still ordered to hurry. At least he wasn't killing. Yet... 


"...trying to make yourself look worse in the eyes of your people!"

Silver walked over to the wall as his Master continued his angry rant at his nephew the Prince. The tall Prince glared at Silver as he returned. Probably still thinking about his threat. He had seen Silver twice since the threat on his life was made, maybe the Prince would actually keep his word. 

"Ah, you return, Silver." Silver hid his surprise. Why had his Master used his name? It was the first time he had done so since they returned to the castle. Servants were unimportant here. "I have just instructed my neohew that you will be watching him from here on out."

Silver bowed deeply. "As you wish, my Lord."

His Master turned back to the Prince. "Do not bother trying to kill him or command him, nephew," Silver's Master said, his eyes full of that familiar rage. It was said that a snakes tongue was worse than any bite or venom. Now Silver understood the saying. 

Master turned to slave. "Silver, should the Prince try to harm you, disarm him and report it to me at your earliest opportunity." He flashed Silver's binding ring. Silver bowed. He understood the signal. 'You are to only follow my orders,' his Master had essentially said. It would be so, despite Silver's undying wish to be slain. This Prince was a hope that was now lost. 

"Uncle, you do not think this lowly servant can take me, do you?" The Prince said with a confident smile. Perhaps too confident. "I just won the tournament and you yourself know me to be skilled in close range."

Silver's Master gave his nephew a glare. "Whether you can take him or not matters little to me. Should he die, I will know and I will NOT be as lenient as I was today!" With that, Silver's Master turned and left the room, leaving Silver alone with the Prince. 

"Where did you get those scars, Silver?" The Prince said, giving Silver's name a distasteful twist. Did this man seek to kill him? Surely he would do it? Well, Silver would have to disarm the prince. Maybe the Prince would overpower him? Maybe...

"It is a mark, Your Majesty," Silver replied with a bow. "In my tribe we are marked like this to signify ourselves as slaves." 

The Prince snorted, then turned to leave. Silver followed, as he was commanded. Maybe they would go to see the fields. It was said that the view from the castle made the fields look magnificent. Silver would be far away, as well, so he could not tarnish the beauty with his evil...

"If only man kept his word," Silver whispered. A glare from the Prince told Silver he had heard. Maybe it was a good thing...

The End

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