Attending the PrinceMature

Silver walked away from the prince and headed to place the dessert tray in the cleaning area, then picked up a small cake slice with some unknown topping that was apparently called lionblume. It was Master's meal. 

The servant walked back out into the dining room and moved to where the hand of the king sat, now talking politely to a man on his right. Silver placed the plate in front of his Master. "Your desert is ready, my lord," Silver said.

His Master glanced at Silver, then picked up his fork. "Thank you," he said, "I noticed you are the same who served the prince." Silver nodded and the noble next to him smiled wryly. This was preset, of course. It always was. At least there was no killing. Yet. "What did our newly engaged prince speak of?"

This was apparently normal in this land. Talking to servants about the other members of the party. Most nobles used the servants for info. Silver was being used the same way. "He spoke of a stroll with his soon-to-be bride, my lord," Silver said through a thoroughly practiced accent, "I believe Lady Dracarys has moved the stroll to tomorrow, which caused His Majesty the Prince some irritation."

Vyper nodded, though his eyes gave the hint of anger. "Lord Gregorus, it seems the prince is up to no good yet again."

THe other man, who looked to be a woodsman more than a noble with his large physique, nodded and laughed. "That girl is giving him a run for his money, though. Why, I think this will be a fun..." Lord Gregorus was staring at Silver just then. "Begone, servant, you are no longer needed!"

A nearly covert nod from his Master told Silver to withdraw. "My apologies, Lords. Enjoy your meals."

Silver started to leave. "One moment." Master's voice. Silver beat down the annoyance and sadness inside and turned to face the hand of the king.

"Yes, my lord?"

"It seems Lord Dracarys has left the table before dessert was put out," Silver's Master said slowly, nodding to an empty seat beside the Lady Dracarys. "Go see if he is feeling well. We wouldn't want him ill before the wedding."

Silver nodded. So, the plan would stay on track, but moving faster. Silver watched his back as he walked out of the doors at the base of the room. Some people looked his way, including the Lady Dracarys, but Vyper told them Silver's objective. Today would tire him out, for sure. 

After passing the guards and making his way to a specified hallway, Silver undressed from his serving attire and shoved the disguise in a pot his Master had marked for him. Underneath his clothes, he had wore a black leather combat suit used for assassination. Luckily, tonight would not end in any bloodshed. That didn't help Silver's conscious though. He knew this was only a step. The killing would come. It always did.

Tentatively, Silver opened a window and stepped out onto a ledge. It was cold tonight. That was a good thing. Maybe this beautiful world sensed so evil of a creature stepping into it's domain and tried to throw him down off the castle. Maybe it would succeed and Silver could die. He already had his knives taken away by his Master. No cutting for servants. Now death... That was up to the Great Elder. 

Silver took a deep breath and started to climb. The elder Dracarys was just two stories up and his window always open, according to info from Silver's Master. This was how he would get in. And how he would eavesdrop. 

The wind picked up, hiding any hint of a noise from Silver's movement up the wall. He used this, just like the last time he was at this castle, to his advantage. Was it some way the Great Elder tried to say this man was bad? SIlver shook his head. No, the Great Elder was wise and knew murder and killing were both wrong no matter how evil the victim. 

"... dare he look so grim!" That was the Elder Dracarys. "I am the one who has suffered! And to call my sister a whore..." There was sound, as if Dracarys was kicking something. Sure enough, something fell. Silver wasn't able to determine anything else, due to the wind's howling. 

"Well," Dracarys said, "nothing to do but wait. The wedding will happen soon. So soon." There was nothing else. Nothing Silver could really report back to his Master. Master wanted information enough to determine the Lord Dracarys' mindset. This... Well, Silver could twist this into an act of anger. Yes, maybe he would get out of killing yet again. 

The End

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