Silver Star - A Slave Once MoreMature

The man traversed the lush fields of an unknown place. In truth, he was lost. Never had he seen this shade of tree or shape of leaf. Never had he experienced fields like these. Long lush grass cloaked them beautifully, with full trees dotting the area like added droplets of sugar in a cup of tea. Such a gorgeous place this was. Why, the man thought it was the most extravagant place he had ever visited. 

There was one problem with it, though. There was always something wrong in any place the man traveled. It was something unavoidable, truly, but the man still felt responsible. Well, why wouldn't he?

The problem with this world was evil, and the man knew himself to be part of that evil.

The man pulled a knife from his tattered breeches. He needed to pay a price. Thanks to the ring, he could not kill himself or do any damage that would cripple or endanger himself, but a cut here and there was just fine. He slid the knife over his grimy arm, letting the blood flow free. Not too much, of course, but enough to feel the pain. Yes, such torment. 

A noise drew the man from his mind. It came from further down in the fields, on a road now visible to the eye. Curses! The man had gotten lost to AVOID human interaction, not to find it! He had to hide! Now! But where? The man searched frantically, only to decide on a slender tree. It would have to do. The way the hill was angled, the grass would not work. In fact, that would be worse. The tree was the best bet, and the closest.

The sounds grew closer and the man made himself as small as possible behind the tree. Was this man going to see him? He looked to his ring, which was seated on his right hand. For now. 

Voices came with the wind. It took the man a moment, but he finally started to understand them a little. 

"...bothers me about that Dracarys girl," said a stern voice. It sounded in command and emotionless. Probably a Wise Elder of this land, then.

"Sir?" The typical guard or second-in-command.

"She seems to be hiding something. The way she was at the dining table the other day... It was almost as if she were playing the part of an actor."

"Shall I have her... dealt with, sir?"

"I wish. It is too early. We need to..." The words trailed off, as if forgotten. Had the Wise Elder forgotten his words? The man would have laughed, had he not been trying not to make a sound.


'Why do this, O Great Elder?' the man thought, then took a deep breath and walked out from behind the tree. Maybe this one wouldn't be so bad.

What awaited him was a heavily armored guard with an familiar insignia on his tabard. Was that a lion? The man had worked for a noble with a lion crest before. Before he could think on it, the man was forced to focus on something else. The armored guard had a spear pointed at the man. Maybe he would kill him before he could speak?

"Who are you!" The armored guard demanded. 

The man bowed deeply, with two fingers touching the end of his twin parallel scars on his face, then sliding down the length of them. From the ear to the lower lip. The scars of service. This was tradition for a wretch such as this man. "I am to be called Silver Star."

The guard gave an odd look, then called to a few other guards, whom the man - now to be known as Silver Star - saw on the road just a little ways away. In the middle of the guards was a man with a harsh face and and piercing green eyes. He reminded Silver of a snake. Maybe this snake would crush him. 

The other guards arrived and instructed Silver not to move or speak. Little did they know, they had nothing to worry about. The rules of a Bound were strict. Silver was to obey and speak of his service at the first opportune moment. This, obviously, was not now. The other guard left to speak with the green eyed noble, which was probably the source of the voice earlier. Silver was too far away to tell.

Silver ignored the men and watched his surroundings. He always loved the wilderness, but there was always a problem. Silver sighed. No use in dreaming about suicide when it was impossible to commit knowingly. Still, it was a small comfort. 

"You are Silver Star?"

Silver looked and realized that the noble was now upon him. He nearly jumped. How was the man so quiet? Silver ALWAYS was aware of his surroundings. That meant... this was someone very dangerous. Truly a snake. The only question was did this snake bite? 

"Yes, I am a Bound," Silver said, starting to pull off his ring. The Noble grabbed his hand and pulled the ring off himself. Was he mad? Sure, Silver was bound to the rules to not attack unless ordered by the one holding his ring, but to take something from a potentially deadly assassin? 

"I know what you are," the noble said in a silent rage, "and I also know WHO you are." He motioned his guards to step down and slipped on the Binding Ring. He knew? Who was this man? The noble stepped back and examined the ring on his finger. It was an odd design, with skulls and daggers worked into the silver band shape. There was also runes on it. No one could read them but the Wise Elders, though. 

"My brother had you and threw you away," the noble said slowly, "But I will make as much use of you as I can." A small smile hit the noble's face. "I am Apophis Vyper,  right hand of King Faramond III. You will answer to me and to me alone, understood?"

Silver, his face calm despite his raging sadness on the inside, put two fingers on the scar covering the left side of his face and trailed from his ear to his lip once more. It was the sign of servitude. The sign that he had to make to any he called master. Also, the sign that forced his dark hands to kill...

"Kill my guards," Master commanded Silver. There was no hesitation or regret in his voice. Silver understood. This was a test. It was always like this. Everytime he was forces to serve a noble or Wise Elder, they commanded him to show his abilities. The last kill, for some reason, always haunted him. The blue eyes never blamed him... never.

"Sir? What are you-"

Silver pulled his knife from the corpse of the nearest guard. Those words would be lost forever. Useless words, maybe, but a man's words nonetheless. Such a saddening thing, yet nothing to be done about it. 

"You little...!"

The spear of the dead guard impaled the next one by Silver's command. The man gurgled blood and fell as SIlver plunged his knife into the next, and last, guard present. It went in the neck, as usual. When confronted with armored enemies, the neck was the easiest place to stab. So easy....

So dead.

Silver looked to the scene around him with disgust. It was atrocious. No man should experience death at the hands of another. It should be the Great Elder who calls the humans home, not each other. Such a mess. Blood was already soaking this beautiful place.

And it was Silver's doing.

"Come," Vyper said, signaling his other guards. They didn't seem surprised. Such a sad group of humans. 

Vyper mounted a white horse and Silver was given one of the now-dead guards. The other two horses were simply freed. Silver hoped they stayed free. 

"Now," Vyper said, looking at SIlver's messy pitch black hair, "We need you to disguise yourself as a servant." Silver pushed his hair back. What was it this noble wanted of him. Murder, torture, or setting up another massacre? Vyper looked at his face and seemingly read his mind. "Do not worry, you will not be killing another king. You will simply be watching your last victim's daughter..."

'Great Elder help me.'

The End

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