I don't really know how to explicate this piece. I haven't been feeling quite myself lately thus my pieces are bland and tedious. I apologise. Hopefully i'll ameliorate myself soon.

This is merely me expressing how i perceive people in my own world of cynicism.

I'd somewhat prefer to be crumbling away imperceptibly in my own surroundings to spare my timorous eyes viewing callow clusters of adolescents clasping cheap cigarettes and guzzling infinite bottles of low cost alcohol.  I'd rather inhale breaths of anguish and sorrow than taint my fragile lungs with trails of nicotine. Drifting off in my own solitary world is more alluring than smelling the persistent flurry of fumes departing mouths, the perpetual stream of souls clinging perilously onto each other for definition, observing promiscuous youths thrusting themselves at the slightest hint of intimacy. I'd rather catch the malicious voices of my demons within chattering away in my ears than listen to the roar of laughter and euphoria reverberating the streets. I'd prefer scrutinizing my own blood gushing out of my skin than the blood that spouts out of teenage wounds. I'd prefer to bury myself in the hollow pit of my sorrow than disconnectedly roam the streets ridden with shameless parades of ill educated souls draining their life away. I'd rather flake into insignificant, invisible fragments than oversee clusters of souls destroying themselves. 

The End

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