Morgan: HQMature

'How could you not tell me who you were?'  I asked as I followed Pete along a corridor and into the house.

'Because if I told you then you would never have agreed to come with me.'  It was true, I would never have trusted him if I had known he was the leader of one of the most powerful Immigrant Rights groups in the country.  'And there is someone you need to see.'

'Who?'  I followed him as he opened a door into a large room where a group of people sat at a long dining table.

'Welcome to HQ,' he whispered in my ear before he shut the door behind us.  There was no going back.  'Ma'am,' he raised his voice to get the attention of someone else in the room.  'I found her.'  A figure at the other side of the room turned and smiled as she recognised me as her daughter.

'What are you doing here?'  I shouted as the shock sunk in.  'You said you were in a prison cell, charged with terrorism.  You aren't involved with these people are you?'  I couldn't believe my eyes as I looked at the people surrounding us.

'I'm sorry Morgan I truely am but this is something I have to do and this is the only way I can see of getting the government's attention and forcing them to act.  They have sent away thousands of immigrants.  Something needs to be done.'

I backed out of Mum's arms.  'I don't believe it.  You aren't like these people, you wouldn't hurt anyone.'

'Pete and I have been running this operation in secret to protect you and your father.  But now you need to know.'  I couldn't say anything.  I fumbled with the door, needing to get out to clear my head and absorb what I had just been told.

'Let me help you.'  Pete opened the door for me.

'I can manage,' I snapped, my eyes full of venom as I stared at him.  As I marched off down the corridor I heard him say something to my mother. 

'She's her mother's daughter, that's for sure.'

The End

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