Olivia: CinemaMature

"Gods, Gods, Gods, Gods" I mutter shaking my head back and forth.

"Oi Greeky, shut up will ya" a voice shouts at me. I lower my head and rush through the last part of the court yard to the entrance/exit. I see Rio leaning against the gate a phone out.

I slow down and listen to what he's saying.

"No Sam, I don't work that way" Rio hisses down the phone. "I'm not starting on shipping"

I feel my whole body freeze "No Sam, I won't do it.... you know thats how I lost my mother...... Yes, I may be a british citizen but they didn't count her as one did they"

I hear him snap his phone shut and find my self stepping out. He looks up and straight at me. "You heard all that didn't you" he mutters.

I nod silently. He sighs pushing a hand up and back through his hair. I fidget slightly uncomfortable with the tension.

"Come on. We'll miss the film" He says offering his hand. I slide my hand into his and he grips it tightly pulling me off.

Oh, wait..... did I just let him take my hand willingly. Shoot.

"Um, how are we getting to the cinema?" I mutter. I find myself staring at are hands gripped together. I loosen my hand slightly then slip my fingers between his.

"I brought my car" Rio says looking back at me then down at our hands. He smiles faintly.

"Your mother..... where was she from?" I ask hesitantly.

"Greece actually" he says smiling at me. I stop walking shocked and he stop with me. "Yeah, your family's greek to aint it?"

"Yeah but.... how did you tell?" I mutter.

"Apart from the fact you were shouting 'May the gods curse you!' and 'May you burn in the underworld'?" He says smiling at me. I blush looking down. He puts a finger under my chin and lifts it up. "Apart from that your eyes..... they are so simliar to my mother that the moment I saw them..."

He trails off shaking his head. "Lets go to the cinema" I mutter. He nods then lead me to a motorbike. "You've got to be kidding"

The End

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