He looks behind a large wooden door that was firmly shut. 

" Is she hurt?" I ask

" I didn't do it I swear it was them with the guns who don't leave this street alone!" He cries.

" Shush."  I say urgently as I open the door a woman was hanging froom a knoose tied to a well intsalled hanger on the cieling. It looked like a suicide but I could see red hand marks to prove she was man handeled. The reason why was obviouse. I walk back to the distraught boy.

" Before I help relocate you I need names, of those men. You know them?" 

" No, They all nicknames to avoid being traced, but I can tell them there nicknames.  Cell , and Prato.  They work together on everything."

" Alright thanks." I write that down but know it will stick in my head.

"So tell me how you going to relocate me?"

" Well have your heard of the North shore hotel?" I ask.

" Yeah that really awkwardly placed name since we live far from any shore and is far south of the city."

" My friends Drew , and Trish, run that place and are illiegaly giving valid I.D cards along with shelter, for next to nothing say you help in someway."

" Valid fake I.D's thats immpossible!" He says a little too loudly, I smile.

" Thats where my jobs gets threatened a bunch. Come one thanks for all your help. Whats your name?"

" Clay Filaco."

" Nice to meet you Clay. I'm detective Ethan Miller , probably one of the rare few officers of the law who still hold the law." I say I little pompously, he laughs knowing its Ironically true.

" If I asked would you help me find my mum , and brother?"  Clay asks while I get to the car.

" I will keep it in mind but I can't just start looking for two missing people in this chaos , without a phenomally good reason , but I will do as much as I can. I promise."  I don't know why I felt so compelled to help the younger guy , maybe it was just the fear and pain that I could see on his face, or its just because I felt responsible because of the people I work under.

I started the car knowing full well I was coming straight back here to report the death of ms fox , and to find those gunmen Cell, and Prato.

The End

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