Olivia: LunchMature

I tap my feet nervously. A waitress approaches. "Can I help you miss?" She asks. I look up.

Of course she's british. I bet the only people italian here are the cooks, locked in the boiling kitchen.

"Um, no I'm waiting for someone" I say.

"Whose just arrived" Rio says sliding into the seat a minute after the waitress turned away. "Hey"

He smiles kindly and it makes me feel warm. He coughs slightly then fidgets. "Oh, Hi" I say blushing and looking down.

"So, what made you choose this place?" He asks picking up a menu. I already know what I want.

"Its just opposite the university..... Me and Remie met here all the time to keep remembering how people enjoy culture in their foods" I say looking up at the italian flag painted up on the wall.

"Oh....... about your friend. She's not being shipped just.... moved in with another family" Rio says closing his menu to consentrate on me.

"Thats good to hear" I whisper.

"She'll probably be able to contact you after three" He says. I notice his hand laid out on the table and tap in thankfully.

"How about we order?" I say turning for the waitress. Luckily she's close by.

"Hey, can we order...." I look at Rio.

"Spaghetti and meatballs with a drink of beer" Rio says with a nod.

"And I'll have the tomarto bake with a glass of coke instead" I say smiling. The waitress nods pushes her notepad into her pocket and retreats off.

"It was nice of you to invite me you know" Rio says. "I'm not sure you would call at all"

"Yeah, I have to get back to class after this though" I mutter.

"How about we go to the cinema this afternoon then.... My treat?" He says.

"I would enjoy that" I say.

Oh gods, what am I doing?

The End

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