Olivia: Calling the enemyMature

Uh, what to do?

I pull the card out of my pocket again and look at it.... Again! I sigh and pull out my phone. I'm sitting in the court yard of the university. Having a free two hour I found too much spare time on my hands.

I dial in the number then bring the phone to my ear as it begins ringing. Ring,Ring.......Ring,Ring........Ring,R-

"Hello" I freeze at the voice. Its seems tired and I must admit quite sexy.

"Um, Hi. My name's Olivia you, uh, met me earlier" I mumble. "Sorry, you were asleep wont you I'll go"

"No, no, no" he says quickly and I can hear him sit up. "It's great to hear from you especially since we didn't meet in the best situation..... I'm sorry about your friend"

I freeze. "You should be" I whisper. "But I'm not call-"

"Olivia, I don't want to get off on the wrong foot but I need you to know I wasn't there to help them take your friend away. I was there to observe make sure they didn't go to far...... and that no one interupted them" He explains his voice clearly sad.

"Let's not talk about this..... I was wondering if you would like to go for lunch" I say. I notice a guy and girl off too the left of the courtyard..... Hmm, not my buisness.

"I would love too" He says his voice brightning. "When? And Where then?"

"Um, How fast can you get to the Italian shop on Falls Street?"

"Twenty minutes" He says.

"See you there then" I say then disconnect. I feel brightly happy yet a bit upset. He works for the goverment but at least..... he's not one of the snatchers or shippers. Although just standing aside might be just as bad.

Uh, Wheres all this going?

The End

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