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" Well Ethan, I must take my leave." Joe , my Dad says," You take care, and don't get yourself into too much trouble with your little..." He shifts nervously then says quietly," Operation."

" I'll be fine, what this darn government is doing is wrong and must be stopped. I really wish you didn't have to go back .... there."

" By the way things are going , I might be better with your aunt Lacey." He says , a look of utter disgust crosses my face, Lacey was a self centered nutjob , that was going to leach off dad until he leaves. Mum comes up behind dad, she would have gone but would rather stay here to avoid aunth Lacey with me. 

"I'll be seeing you too later." I say looking at the time , I had to get too work. This was getting insane, Dad had his citizenship here and lived here for 25 years this government who has only been here 6 months kicks him out. It was wrong. 


" Ah Miller , Your early, good."  Lieutenant Rupert starts.

" I guess it sounds like you've got something for me." I say attatching a sidearm to my belt. I never used to carry one until one of the riots got out of hand, and I nearly got killed.

" Miller,  We having a few problems just north of here ,  find a lady named Carol fox , and she will direct you to these three men , she has claimed to have seen with guns. Arrest them if need be."

" I see, I'm doing this alone?" I say looking at the rather empty office.

" Unfortunetly our hands are tied."

" Guess I will be back soon." I mutter grabbing my long jacket that reached down to my knees.

I reach the destination quite easily  I knocked on the door  which opened weakly showing a destroyed hallway and living room. I little wave of fear shoots through my body, I resist the urge to pull the sidearm off its holster. It was common knowledge people feel ten times more threatened by a weapon in the hand especially now. I find noone in the kitchen , dining area, or living room. I head upstairs , and upon reaching the top a man pops up around the corner holding a baseball bat. I duck under it and grab his arm and simply jerk it the bat falls out of hand.

" Who are, and why are you doing this?" I ask.

" Why should I tell you detective?"

" Because unlike many other officers or detectives, I'm willing to relocate displaced people who don't like this goverment."

" They took my Brother , and meh Mum. I just want to see there faces agian." He holds back tears I let him go.  It was sad ,like many others he tried everything to find out where they went, and found nothing, so with nothing else to they took up arms. Not exactly the most logical thing to do.

" Do you think it was the goverment or these crazy rioters?" I ask.

" I don't know, just ...... just one second they where behind me the next gone, without a trace."

" One last question. Where is Ms fox?"

The End

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