Olivia: Cute but dangerMature

I stopped stuggling. His face was pale but his cheeks had the hint of colour. He was staring intently at my eyes. He opened his mouth to speak.

"Rio, drop the girl and get over here" a commanding voice shouts. The man looks over my head before back at me. He slowly lowers me down. He tugs something out of his pocket and puts it in my hand. "Call me" He whispers then runs off to the van.

Its only when he's gone that I realise in that split moment I forgot Remie and her family..... and now she's gone and I think I've fallen for a guy who was helping to take her away.

I look down at the card pressed into my hand. And look at it more closely.

Goverment quick responce Doctor/Agent
Rio Lander
Number: 07658393826

Doctor?? And Agent??? That was very cofusing. I tucked it into my pocket then ran back to my house. As I got in I saw the time.

"Oh, crud!" I hiss. I'm late for class and with me being the stop student an all it won't go down well.

I run upstairs and grab my bag shoving in my phone, keys, money and books in. Then quickly I run down the stairs.

"Got to go Mum. I'll sort the problem with Remie out after. If I don't attend I might get shipped" I say then race out of the house heading towards the university.

The End

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