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I made sure I was ready.  Banner, check.  Good running shoes, check.  Hair tied back, check.  Pen knife, check.  OK maybe the pen knife was a little too far but when things got violent, as they normally did on these protest marches, it was good to be able to defend yourself.

My parents had been the ones to get me involved in these marches and riots.  Mum's parents were originally from India but because my mother had married my father and had been nationalised as English we wouldn't be exported.  Many of our friends weren't so lucky. 

'Are you ready Morgan?'  Mum yelled up the stairs.

'I'm coming.'  I ran down the stairs and out the door.  The march was beginning at Charing Cross station and ending at the Houses of Parliament which was where things were likely to get violent.

I double checked myself on the train into the centre of London.  There were hundreds of people gathered when my mum and I got there.  I unfurled the banner I had made.  It said Stop Unfair Deportation.  Not very catchy I know but it got the point across.

Everything was peaceful until we reached the streach of road leading up to the Houses of Parliament.  Somewhere head of me something was thrown at a policeman and chaos descended.  Mum gave me a nod.  I knew what I had to do, we would be meeting at our usual spot.  I dropped the banner, it would only slow me down.

Things were being thrown everywhere and the police had trouble keeping us back from the gates of the Houses of Parliament.  I got seperated from Mum and was swept to the front of the crowd.  There were shouts of stop this injustice and this is their home too as the rioters turned on the MP's they could see through the gates.

I was glad of my smallness as I managed to weave my way through the hundreds of people between me and open space.  I made my way out and headed towards the nearest Tube station where my mum would be waiting.  When I saw the Tube sign my heart sank when I noticed Mum wasn't there.  I wasn't worried, Mum could handle herself.

Half and hour later I was getting nervous, something could have happened.

Two hours after that I knew something was definately wrong.

The End

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