Olivia LouisianaMature

"Oli! Get down here now" My mother shouts. I let my black hair fall around my face and down my back. Around me like a veil. My bright blue eyes stare out at my reflection in the mirror.

The lightly tanned skin. The hight cheek bones, the large oval eyes and bright pink lips. I shake my head then move away. The signs were there.

Both my mother and father were Greek but I had lived in England all my life. So I consider my self part Greek part English.

Although the goverment would consider it different. That I'm a paracite, a lower class human being for my origin's and beliefs...... Yes, I do believe in the greek gods and goddess.

I quickly bring myself back to the present and race down the stairs to find my mother looking terrified.

"What is it mother?" I ask.

"The indian family at number nine have just been evacuated from there home" She says. "May the gods help them"

"B-But.... Remie" I jump down the last of the stairs and run outside just to watch Remie and her family bundled into a van.

"NO!" I shout. I run at the van but someone picks me up by the waist. "May the Gods curse you! May you burn in the underworld"

I kick against the person holding me by the waist. "Shh!" The voice whispers. I know its a goverment bully but as I look back at the man I can't help but catch my breath.

The End

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