Will: A drama to be filmedMature

The phone rings in the early morning

"Will here I say sliding the phone onto my ear."

"Oh hi Will I phoned your teacher Mr Parker this morning he recommended you to fill in one of ou enjoyed employees the pay is 25 dollars an hour. You in?"

"Sure do you want to see me now?"

"Yes, come down to..." I wrote down the street number, " And ask for me , my name is Jack Baker. Got that?"

"Yup see you in an hour, and thanks for offering me a job."

"No problem kid."  He hangs up leaving me to groggily make my way through the morning wondering why do I bother when there is really nothing that I care to live for.  Putting toast in the toast the phone rings again.

"Hello Will speaking." I was getting a little annoyed at these early morning phone calls.

"Hi Will." Its Sarah, why was she phoning me?," I was sort of wondering if you wanted watch a movie tonight, I don't know why but I just want to be with people ever since of what I heard about Kelsey. I'm sort of worried everyone will disappear just like she did."

"I can understand , Sarah don't worry about it." I say sounding like a caring good friend," Oh, and I won't be at school for a while I got a job filming down somewhere in New jersey, and I will still get credits for doing it."

"Oh that sounds wonderful." Sarah says thoughtfully, but concerned at the same time.

"Don't worry about it, I will see you tonight, I'm not going to disappear." I say reassuringly as I hang up, "Even though I'm considering it."


A couple hours into the job filming several of the same scenes a few times, sort of admiring, and  thinking about the lines being said.  I didn't know what it was all about but from what I heard being said it was about a girl who had been traumatized in some way, and was became an emotional wreck while her friends try's to help her out but constantly make thins worse, especially in the scene that they re did ten times because they weren't believable, and the guy was supposed to ask the girl out because every movie these days had to have a romance in it.  Even though a movie set or a movie will never resemble real life, but maybe Kelsey's life wasn't perfect from the beginning maybe there is something that bothered her no matter what she did to hide it, and in the end it got to her. For me having no emotions worked , but sometimes that in itself is a lie.

The End

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