Tavin: Coffee and CigarettesMature

The cafe on the corner of Fifth and Broadway was possibly my favorite place in the world. I strolled in through the doors and dropped into my usual seat at the counter, all done up in gold and brown faux marble. In point-five seconds, my laptop was open and I was fumbling in my bag, searching for the cord that would connect my camera to it. The pictures I'd taken that afternoon may not have been enough of a distraction, but I'd never, ever deleted anything.

"The regular?" Kris asked me from behind the counter. She eyed me up like she usually did, sweeping back a strand of her fake blonde hair. I nodded once, too sharply, and so she got busy fixing me a caramel chai latte.

I scanned through the files, the hundreds or thousands of pictures saved there. It was a mistake. In but a moment, Kelsey's grinning face was staring up at me, her bright eyes and that goddamn smile, so dazzling, so alluring. God, she'd been so beautiful. She'd been so perfect And she'd thrown it all away.

And for what? What had been so goddamn bad about her life?

Remember the fight? The little voice cooed.

Shut up, I hissed.

Of course I remembered the fight. One did not forget such things. Such demons never truly left. Time could not heal all wounds.  

Kris set the cup down in front of me. "Where's your girlfriend?" She asked. Her voice was that of completely nonchalance; the question had been asked in pure innocence.

Shutting my laptop too hard and assmebling everything into my bag, I reached out to grip the cup firmly. "She's not around," I retorted. The words were like salt in the wound.

All your fault, the voice egged on. She's not around and it's all your fault.

Outside, I lit up a cigarette, sucking at it greedily. Everytime I blinked, visions of Kelsey danced across my mind. I thought to myself that she must not have been so happy after all, that it all had been a lie. And who would want to be in love with a liar?

She loved you, didnt she?

The End

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