Will: missing who I used to beMature

My whole entire afternoon was wasted away by Sarah's incessant babbeling, and my cold malicouse slow mind making time last forever. I put the confident, encouraging smile as Sarah headed home. She thought I was the best person in the world a loving warm person who cares only for others, thats who I used to be before the money ran out and my dad turned into a drunken monster of a man beating me to the point my mind bleed out leaving the shell of a boy who cared. Nothing swayed the emotion of nothingness, everything was so numb even real physical pain, I missed the boy who cared but he will never come back. Upon opening the door of my house a warm draft hits me my father sitting at the living room drinking my beer because he ran out at home. I didn't care the sooner he died the better. The only reason he had keys to my apartment was because my mom was the only one who saw what I become and tried to change before she got ill with cancer so she thought my father could the monster of a man.

"Y you've grot a splode tuste in bear." He slurred.

"whatever.' I kick him over onto the floor breaking a few empty bottles.

"Yup he was going to have to get his stomach pumped." I walked into the kitchen grabbing the phone, I knew if I let the monster of a man live it would only be to good for him no I was going to let him live and wallow in his pain. A few minutes later a paramedic picks him up as I go into to my room which was clean to the endth degree, and each wall painted green one with a row of sheatehed katana's and a few pictures of my fake smiles ,and those fake friends,but the wall opposite of my bed held the picture of a 10 year old boy with the widest smile and glowing green eyes. A loving farther holding the boy in a playful headlock. I hardly remember those people they were like strangers now I missed them in a way they died though, just like Kelsy did.

The End

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