Cassandra, SickMature

"Allright you sorry lot, let's make some fekin' noise for those local wenches, the Pixies!"

The warm air soaked against Cassandra as the crowd began to roar. She may have been nobody at class. The dirty little punk girl on the scholarship. She worked twice as hard to prove herself in class just because she had a plain last name.

However, this was different. This was her world, she commanded the stage. Her band was a local hit. They had sold out the last two shows at their usual bars. Causing the rumors of a local label with interest in signing.

"Then why does tonight feel so damn empty?" Cassandra thought to herself as they began to go into the first song. A rowdy punk song about the old days, being broke and generally enjoying each day as it came.

The night progressed, Cassandra seemed to keep scanning the crowd. Part of her wished she'd see Kelsey screaming in the crowd like she had been in the past.

"Cass, keep your head about!" Selene shouted as Cassandra's guitar seemed to lull. She gave her head a quick shake as she continued her part of the song. The night began to lull to an end as Cassandra and the Pixies took their final bow. The girls walked offstage to hearing the roar of the crowd and the shouts of "Encore" for a final song.

"Cass, we givin' em a happy ending?" Cassandra seemed to glaze out as her eyes still scanned the crowd.

"Yea, was thinking of playing, the old Enemy song. For those not here." The girls all nodded in agreement.

"You ok Cass?" Selene grabbed her shoulder as they began to head out on stage. Cassandra didn't respond as the Pixies returned to stage.

"Allright! Make some noise!" Cassandra screamed to the crowd. She was met with a roaring response from below."Allright, the last song tonight is going out to everyone in the crowd who has someone who will never see a show again. They may be gone, but never forget!" The band finished the final encore of the night as the rest of the band took in the applause. Cassandra walked off as the the stage as she fumbled for a bottle of water. Kelsey's voice seemed to echo from the empty backstage.

"Good show tonight!" Cassandra smiled at the phantom.

"Not the same, hell Kels, why'd you do it? You could have told me. You could have tried to. I may not have understood but I'd listen!"

The phantom frowned. "That's the thing, you'll never know."

Cassandra screamed as she kicked the guitar amp. It gave an angry crackle before echoing into a monotone hum.

"Slag it, I need to go for a walk." Without notifying anyone Cassandra walked out the backstage into the night.

The End

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