Cassandra, CrashMature

"Students are asked to please take the day off, grief councilor's will be provided to those who wish to speak to someone about this incident."

"Incident?" Cassy's mind seemed to roll the word about for a moment. The painting class crawled to a standstill as the announcement came over the speaker. Cassy stared blankly at Kelsey's seat. She said she'd be in class today, she seemed okay the last time they had lunch together. She had asked about Cass's new gig, the label had sounded promising. 

Now Gail is treating this as an incident. Cass felt her blood boiling. Kelsey wasn't an incident, she was her friend. Since she had come to the Wescott's Institute of Art she wasn't like the rest of the students. She was there on a scholarship, she didn't have the money for this school. The majority of the students here had parents paying for them.  This left Cass feeling a bit of resentment toards the majority of her peers. Once word got out she was there on someone else's dime. The situation escalated, which ended with her bloody and another student on the floor. Before things could get any worse, Kelsey had stepped in and explained to the faculty that Cassandra was defending herself.

Kelsey was the first student who treated her as an equal. Even helping Cassandra move out of her ratty apartment and into the on site dorms along with her friend Tavin. May have been boyfriend, they really did get into it quite a bit.  After the move Cass had invited her to a show her band was to play that night.

Cass snapped back to her classroom. The only thing she wanted to do was kick something. Grabbing her leather jacket she walked out of the cramped room.  All she could hear were hushed whispers. Some people were in shock, some students didn't seem to even acknowledge what had happened.

"Dammit Kelsey, why did you do it? You were always so happy. If there was something wrong you could tell me." Cass tried forcing her mind to figure out why she did it. Maybe a guy was hurting her and it was the only way out.


Pulling her hood up she stepped outside. She had rehearsal, she needed to be ready for her next show. Everyone counted on her. She was what made the Pixies stand out. Her vocals, her writing, everything was riding on her. Right now the only thing she wanted was to throttle Tavin until she couldn't feel her hands anymore.

Noticing Tavin was trying to light a cigerette she stomped over to him. His hands were trembling as he tried to light up. She noticed the puffy look around his eyes.

He looked haggard, as if he had just aged ten years overnight. He was always fighting with Kelsey on and off. They were a cute couple during the happy times. Not completely thinking she dropped her backpack and stormed towards Tavin. He didn't seem to realize what was coming his way until Cass grabbed him by the collar.

"God dammit! I could beat you! I swear Tavin if you-" Cass realized Tavin's was just as shook up as she was. Letting go of his shirt, she stepped back as her voice began to quiver. All the fire and fury she had whipped up in her self righteous rage had burned out as she saw how poorly Tavin had taken the news.

"I'm sorry Tavin. Dammit I'm sorry."

The End

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