Jacob Norris, Age 15: Fridge Sleeping

It was kind of ironic, he thought, how the rumbles of his stomach seemed to synchronize with those of the dying world outside his hiding spot.

Of course, for both accounts, there was nothing to be done to ease the pain. So the boy snuggled, if such a comfort word could be applied properly, against the insulated inner sides of the fridge.  He nearly laughed aloud at the hilarity of his presence inside the long-broken cooler. It had once housed the food he so desperately craved, but now only preserved him for the consuming of the beings outside. It was a harsh way to put it, but true all the same.

Irony seemed his only comfort, the only thing that kept his sanity, these days. The girl, his once-upon-a-time companion, had been well suited to that job, but Jake had been left alone when they’d taken her. Now she was his enemy, one of the parasites. It made him sick to think about her, because, in a horrible way, he didn’t miss her. Not one bit. She had been only a little kid, maybe six or seven, and just another mouth to feed; another mouth that hadn’t been fed. Just a liability, anyways.

Jake had allowed her to tag along when he’d found her hiding, much like he was now. She hadn’t lasted more than a day before the aliens had snatched her. She was too slow, and there hadn’t been a crumb to spare between them, so she hadn’t gained a thing by following him. So, hugging that grubby stuffed animal as always, she had been left behind. Not a word had ever passed between them. There had been nothing to say.

Even if Jake had found anyone to talk to, there would not have been anything to say anyway. It had been so long since he had conversed with another being that he almost figured that his vocal chords wouldn’t work anymore.

Oh, well. He sighed and hugged his lanky legs closer to his body. Desperation, hunger, fear… these were normal things now. Everyone  --everyone left, that was--  dealt with it on a daily basis. Fretting over it would do no good.

And so, ignoring the grating rumblings outside, he settled his head back against the corner of the fridge and promptly fell asleep.

The End

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