Desolate ~ The Journeys of a Dying World

A random story about a lost world. I'm not explaining why or how it's lost, because that's not really relevant. Create a character and let your mind take you where it will. That's all I did.

Some tragedy has befallen this planet. Many are dead, and dying. Supposedly, an alien force has attacked. It is irrelevant why this happened or how the characters can help, because it is likely that many will not live to see a difference. Create a character, and let it flow. However you like it to. How does your character survive? It is not pertinent if the characters meet, although a little dialogue might be interesting.

At a loss for what to write this morning, I just took a sentence and went. My mind is tuned to sci-fi at the moment, so I guess that's where it took me.

Are you someone who is bored or interested enough to jump in?

Let your imagination take you...



The End

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