Joseph Bartelman

Mr. Joseph Bartelman is an ambitious American politician whose main goal is to bring peace to the United States. He is a married man with six beautiful children and a loving wife. He stands at medium height and he has a head of prematurely greying hair. He has bright blue eyes which sparkle at the mention of money and a straight nose which is slightly hooked at the end. He has an unusual fondness for tweed and good quality cowboy boots. Bartelman is known as a big talker who promises many things which are clearly out of his reach. He is under the impression that anything and everything can be bought with money. He used a portion of his inheritance to fund his wife’s plastic surgery and plans to use the rest to further his campaign. At the early age of twenty-six, Bartleman has a lot of time before his retirement to transform the United States into a group of collaborative communities under a single law. He plans to join all of the states to form a ‘United America,’ removing the state boundaries and governing the entire country under a single central government, the leader of which is to be none other than himself. But it is unlikely that the public will accept his vision due to his unforgiving reputation. Joseph Bartelman is agnostic. He believes that whatever deities may exist will respect him for what he is about to do in transforming the United States into a peaceful haven. He secretly hopes that whatever deities exist may invite him to become a deity as well or their representation on earth so that he might have absolute power. 

The End

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